That won’t be too hard for him to show if Warren doesn’t beat him soundly in early races. Since Democrats award delegates proportionally, so long as Sanders exceeds the 15 percent threshold to win delegates and keep close to Warren, he has no reason to drop out. He can show the same dogged resolve he demonstrated against Hillary Clinton, staying in the race and piling up delegates in a three way contest that guarantees no one will have the necessary majority to win on the first ballot.

canada goose factory outlet The grim relationship goes back much further than that. I don’t have much interest in a history lecture, but the creation of Social Credit was a precursor to the ongoing political attitude in Alberta. It came from the Thirties, when farms were stolen by (Eastern) banks, when farmers were literally forced to purchase overpriced equipment supplied solely from ( Eastern) manufacturers, and forced to transport grain solely on (Eastern controlled) railways and the marketing/ sale of products were largely controlled by distant and disinterested Ottawa. canada goose factory outlet

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