Most northern cites treated black people as if they were still slaves or worse yet not even people. So don’t throw that old idea that Abe fought to free the slaves at me. People in both the North and the south were against slavery. Said, jokes went from lols! to rhetoric the second the target changed hands. Stay classy GOP. Stay classy.

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They never talk about how the Israelis, with the green light from the west, block the delivery of imports to Gaza ports. The Israelis act like they don know this is happening. I heard it on national radio over a month ago, about how Israel was provoking the Palestinian people by denying them access to the delivery of food, medical supplies, and basic daily needs.

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Now why would i treat them any different? and further more i do not treat the parents any different. Maybe that is not my choice who am i to judge them on their choice. Why would i want to abandon or turn my back on family because of color?When my kids were old enough to ask why people were different colors i told them that God wanted his people to be all colors to make the world a more beautiful place.

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