Worse was the content and loot though. You could not find Masterworks ( I just using Anthem terminology here, make it easier. ) anywhere. The board ordered the health region to have designated staff members whose job entails the safekeeping and documentation of patients belongings.Northern Health A long standing complaint going back to 2015 when Northern Health officials were alerted by a staff member to lapses in medical device disinfection and sterilization procedures related to instruments called endoscopes. Centre for Disease Control did not show any in specific infection types during the two year period when the errors took place.Although patients were sent letters to inform them of the breeches, the review board recommended a more fulsome public communication plan including direct meetings with patients or even town hall meetings to broadcast the errors, risks, actions, and any mitigating steps. As well, the region has to ensure that when such things happen, all affected patients should have a doctor who can address any concerns and ongoing needs..

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