Sicko, “Are You Kidding Me,” and anyone else I missed when I skimmed through the comments. Do you care to enlighten as to what factually based assumptions you operate under when you translate an impossibly attenuated guilt by proxy smear ad to racism? Aren’t you filling in a cheap canada goose few blanks with information you just don’t have? At least, if you don’t count biased opinions, a cultural fascination with denigrating an entire region and fostered under an air of mental superiority (that’s aimed at you “kidding me” really, was the IQ jab entirely necessary? poor education based on inadequate public schooling from depressed land values is a far cry from intrinsic inferiority. What’s more, it lets you justify unfounded assertions by resorting to a generalized stereotype..

buy canada goose jacket Brock Hinrichs, 17, of Ayr has been working with hogs since he was 8 and sees them throughout the year. This year, he showed three hogs. He said he has to switch their food as needed to maintain the appropriate weight. First, you go off not having checked your facts. Consider this: Why would Obama inject race when it is the most precarious position he could put himself into by doing so? Do you think America as a whole has completely forgotten about race? Blacks have much history trying to downplay the stereotypes that have been perpetuated about them, and that history continues. Why would he make further light of his ethnicity knowing this stereotype still prevails?. buy canada goose jacket

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