Start accumulating this corpus today and do not go in for any big discretionary spends or start investing for other goals before you have accomplished this. Ensure you have adequate medical and life insurance.Estimate amount needed for your favourite holiday/course (and add it to your contingency fund)Ensure you have financial room left to pursue some things really dear to you, like travel or an expensive culinary course which you never had time for while you are working. Knowing that the break you are on is a temporary one and you will get back to corporate life soon should be motivation enough to do it now, provided you have planned for it in advance.Plan to Upskill/Invest in yourselfIf you are on a break from a job, remember it is a good time to re evaluate your skills and see how you can prepare to stay ahead in the game and separate yourself from the herd by taking a course or by acquiring new skills.

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