“Most people I tell this to laugh,” Jora says, laughing herself. “So, I said to my dad, ‘If you don’t get [good] grades, you’re not gonna get into college. Or at least you won’t get into a good college.”and if you don’t get into a good college, you won’t get a good job..

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canada goose I could see that there was so much life happening everywhere. A woman getting off from work, waiting for the bus. A group of businessmen stumbling out of a bar. Motyl initially wanted to write a scholarly study of this side of Warhol’s life. “But when, while doing research on Warhol, I discovered that his Factory was in the same building as the Communist Party USA, I knew I had stumbled upon a fact that was almost too good to be true. This coincidence just begged for some kind of literary exploration. canada goose

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